The VDR Blog is a vital resource for anyone trying to maximize their investment in a virtual data space. It’s a wealth of honest details on the most current VDR models and their best functions, as well as suggestions for selecting the best model for the requirements of your business. This will save you time and money by avoiding the purchase of a VDR that is difficult to manage or is too expensive for your budget.

Contrary to common file sharing services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or your company intranet, VDR offers auditing capabilities that allow you to determine who is viewing and printing what documents. This is an important feature if you are working with sensitive documents or sensitive information which need to be shared with other parties. This feature helps you lower the risk of data leakage as well as intellectual property theft.

Many M&A transactions involve a large amount of different documents to manage, ranging from financial statements to legal contracts. The best VDRs provide superior document organization features and indexing so that due diligence teams can quickly locate the documents required. This makes the process much faster and more efficient, while reducing the chance of losing important details.

VDRs are widely used in compliance-related activities including business intelligence, compliance, and reporting. If your business must adhere to regulations, like FINRA’s Broker-Dealer Records Retention Rule, or HIPAA for medical records, a VDR will permit you to keep the documents, share them with others and access these documents securely.

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