The online board portal is a fantastic tool for improving efficiency and governance. Selecting the right solution could be a difficult task, as every company has different requirements and budgetary constraints. When considering the purchase of an online board portal the main two aspects you should focus on are security and efficiency. During your discussions with potential vendors, ask the following key questions to determine if they are able to meet your needs.


The core goal of a portal is to secure sensitive data from unauthorised access. It is crucial that the portal is built on a solid foundation which can support security features that are high-level like customizable permission settings for the end user, encryption keys that are unique to each customer as well as two-factor authentication. third-party penetration tests managed and industry certified data centers, and security audits such as SOC2.


Any management system for boards should streamline three major phases – the pre-meeting portion, the meeting itself, and the post-meeting phase. The best management systems for board meetings allow for efficiency through simple communication. This will allow directors to be involved who are eager to participate, update material dynamically before meetings, and decrease the time needed to gather documents.

During your demos be sure to pay attention to how the software’s interface is. You want your team to be able to navigate the portal without difficulty, so choose a product with online board portal software easy navigation and document uploads and search. You can also check out the customer service offered by the vendor by calling their helpline and checking how responsive they are.

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