Virtual Board Meetings are an efficient method to keep an open communication channel and make time-sensitive decisions during the time of a pandemic. They offer the same benefits for governance as in-person meetings however without the burden of scheduling and travel. They also allow non-profit organizations to increase their participation pool by eliminating barriers to participation due to geography and making it easier for members with disabilities to attend.

With the most effective tools that your team can use, they will be able to manage the pace of the meeting to keep the discussion focused and make faster decisions. This will allow your organization to remain focused and carry out its mission after the pandemic.

It is important to plan your virtual meetings in advance with an agenda, accompanying documents and other materials. This will ensure that all topics are covered and that the meeting runs on time. It is important to test your video and audio equipment before the meeting begins and to observe proper manners of communication. To avoid distracting background sounds it is recommended to mute the microphone when you are not talking. You can also raise your hand to ask a question, leave an observation or send an email message.

To remain efficient and effective, it’s important to implement the best practices for conducting virtual meetings. Follow the tips below to ensure that your board meetings run smoothly and efficiently.

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